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About Us

Kababji is an Authentic Lebanese Restaurant

No short cuts just fresh fantastic ingredients, exceptional cooking and mouthwatering flavors.

Ever since we opened the doors to our first restaurant and lit the coals of our grill, it has been our intention to spread the flavor of fine Authentic Lebanese cooking to every corner of the globe.

The taste for Kababji’s succulent recipes has already started its journey around Lebanon, with restaurants opening across Beirut and beyond. Our aromas have begun to make their way through the Middle East, tantalizing the taste buds of customers in the Gulf Region. Now our fresh flavors can be found across the Atlantic, with our first restaurant in Washington D.C. bringing the spectacular flavors of the Lebanese Cuisine to the United States.

We believe that the taste of our succulent grill is a gift from our culture to the rest of the world, a culinary treasure that we hope to soon share with you.

Our Values


Kababji is a health conscious brand committed to offering healthy and soulful food through quality ingredients and ethical cooking.


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